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27th National Dream Hotline® – Friday, April 24th – 6pm through Sunday, April 26th 11:59pm
54 straight hours of FREE dream interpretation by expert dream interpreters and coaches!  Call at any time during the weekend, and spread the word! (Y se habla espanol!)  CALL 630.739.1329
The Edge of Dreaming
Free Movie Night: The Edge of Dreaming – Saturday April 25th 7:00pm
Scottish filmmaker Amy Hardie has built a career making science documentaries that reflect her rational temperament. When she dreamed one night that her horse was dying, only to wake the next morning and find the horse dead, she dismissed the incident as a coincidence. Then she dreamed she would die at age 48 — only one year away. When Hardie does get ill, just as the dream predicted, she visits neuroscience experts and eventually a shaman. The Edge of Dreaming is an evocative, intimate chronicle of that year and a fascinating investigation into the human subconscious. (75 minutes)

Join us for our Dream Bingo Fundraiser – Sunday April 26th 1:30 to 3:30pm

An enchanting twist on the classic Game of Bingo that teaches you the basics of dream interpretation.  Make new friends, enjoy refreshments, win prizes AND learn how to glean insight into the meaning of YOUR dreams.  Admission is only $10 and includes 2 games.  Additional cards are only $5.
spirtual gathering
Sunday Evening Spiritual Gathering – Sunday April 26th 6:00-7:00
Each week me meet for an hour of interactive presentations and workshops for Self development.  This Sunday we will be talking about how we are all aspects of one another and that we are all connected.  We will then go deeper with Day and Night Dreams and their true meaning. 
Mastery of Consciousness Class
Mastery of Consciousness Class – Mondays, starting April 27th from 7:30 to 10:30pm
Are you ready for change? You may say: “How do I change?” Come to know your True Self at the School of Metaphysics. I thought I knew myself, but coming to the school has helped me to make tremendous changes in my life. This is where you learn how to be a creator, to be master of your thoughts, and to learn how to be the director of your life. In order to see change you must first be committed to yourself and have the desire to change and to apply what you have learned to your life. To know thyself is to be true to thyself. So come join us and become the best you that you can possibly be.
All events are at the School of Metaphysics in Bolingbrook!!!!!!
See Ya There…..

Open House at School of Metaphysics october 21, 2014 7:00pm
Next Class on October 28, 2014 7:30pm

Still Mind, Open Heart, Present Moment, Sept, 27th 

School Of Metaphysics presents Spiritual Focus Session
September 12 – 14, 2014

Dharma Article

open house – class project June 14 2014 4pm – 7pm

New Class starting April 28 (open house April 21)



April 25 – 27


Night at the school 3-8-14-b

Master Of Consciousness Class Starting 02-18-14 (also on other networking calendar)

Mastery Of Consciousness Class 01-28-14  (find this on other networking calendar)

NewYear & Universal Hour Of Peace Celebration